Why Sezzle is the Easiest Way to Fund Your New Wardrobe

Let's face it- credit cards are a four letter word to most of us trying to manage our finances. Even though we could responsibly pay off our credit card bills at the end of the month, why would we want all the hassle?

Sezzle is a new way to get all the benefits of buy now, pay later, without all the worry about fees, interest, and credit scores.

Here are the top five reasons to check out Sezzle to fund your new wardrobe:

#1 You can split your order into four payments.

Once you shop til you drop, Sezzle splits your payment in four, You make the first payment at checkout, and Sezzle schedules the remaining three payments over the next six weeks.

#2 Payments are every two weeks.

If you are like most of us, you get paid every two weeks, and payday is always a bit of a shopping day. With Sezzle, when you make that payday splurge, your remaining payments will be scheduled every two weeks after. So you'll have the money to make the payments, because they'll sync with your payday!

#3 There are no fees* or interest.

The biggest issue with credit cards is that if you don't pay your balance at the end of the statement period, the interest gets tacked on to your principle. And if you're not careful, that interest will end up costing you WAY more than the original item was worth. With Sezzle, you don't have to worry about fees or interest. We cover those fees for you!

*As long as all payments are paid on time, you don't incur any fees.

#4 There is absolutely NO impact to your credit.

There is no affect to your credit when you apply for Sezzle, and if you happen to miss a payment, Sezzle has a lot of options to help you reschedule a payment. But no matter what, your credit report will not be impacted.

#5 Sezzle's mission is to financially empower the next generation of changemakers.

Sezzle believes that financial freedom is a right, not a privilege. Their mission makes doing business with them even easier. You win, they win, and we win as a small business!

Learn more about Sezzle, and try it out on your next purchase with Curvy Elise!



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